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HRPT: High-Resolution Powder Diffractometer for Thermal Neutrons

Laboratory for Neutron Scattering, Paul Scherrer Institute

This web-page is not anymore updated!

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Links related to neutron scattering and crystallography

* Neutron scattering lengths and cross sections
* Calculate scattering length densities (absorption in particular), etc
* Compute Neutron Attenuation and Activation
* Neutron techniques from ITC. Different tables: scattering lengths for neutrons, magnetic form factors, etc. (PSI intranet only)
* X-ray scattering (By E. N. Maslen, A. G. Fox, and M. A. O'Keefe) from ITC. form factors, etc. (PSI intranet only) * X-ray dispersion corrections (By D. C. Creagh) from ITC. f1, f2, etc. (PSI intranet only)
* IUCr Commission on Magnetic Structures"
* Some lectures on "Advanced magnetic structures: classification and determination by neutron diffraction."
* educational materials at
* Neutron Conference Archive

* Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (PSI).
* Materials Project, a collaboration between MIT and LBNL. 20160 materials/CIFs (free but registration is required)
* Resource for Physical & Chemical Data in Materials Science: Springer Materials "The Landolt-Boernstein Database"
* The American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database
* International Tables for Crystallography (PSI intranet only)
* International Tables for Crystallography: Index of the 230 space groups (PSI intranet only)
* Symbols for space groups (PSI intranet only)
* 1-,2-and 3-Dimensional Magnetic Subperiodic Groups and Magnetic Space Groups
* Magnetic space-group data files at BYU
* Site-symmetry tables for atomic displacement tensors (PSI intranet only)
* ISOTROPY is a software package which applies group theoretical methods to the analysis of phase transitions in crystalline solids.
* Space groups, sub-, supergroups, irreps, etc ... (Bilbao Crystallographic Server)
* cctbx - Explore symmetry. Space group information
* Space groups, point groups and other crystallographic stuff...
* Superspace Finder. 3D derivatives of (3+1)D space groups in analytical form
* higher-dimensional crystallography. Incommensurate and commensurate modulated structures (PSI intranet only)
* Typical interatomic distances: inorganic compounds IT, ch 9.4 (PSI intranet only)
* More Crystallography Links...
* FullProf Suite: a set of crystallographic programs (FullProf, WinPLOTR, EdPCR, GFourier, etc...)
* Crystallographic Fortran 90 Modules Library (CrysFML)
* Jana2006: Crystallographic Computing System for Standard and Modulated Structures
* Software for CIF (IUCr resources)
* SHELX: crystal structure determination from single-crystal diffraction data
Compute X-ray Absorption
x-ray energy-lambda conversion tool
x-ray data booklet
Covalent and vdW radii for organic and organometallic compounds
Definitions of the SI base units

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