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HRPT: High-Resolution Powder Diffractometer for Thermal Neutrons

Laboratory for Neutron Scattering, Paul Scherrer Institute

This web-page is not anymore updated!

Please use new HRPT web-page shown below


HRPT operation manuals, support

SICS documentation search. Type in the command or part of the command you are looking for.
Update of useful HRPT commands
SICS: exe manager
SICS: counterbox
The HRPT essentials. A bit obsolete with respect to HRPT control (pdf)
tcl 8.4 manual
SICS: SINQ Instrument Control Software
Slides from the SICS Users Meeting 2005
`fit' program: To fit and/or calibrate the raw data and convert them to HRPT-format (by M.Zolliker)
Frequently used crystallographic and related programs for a PC
Frequently used MAC programs
LNS Unix Basics manual

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